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UACT fights to protect the rights of our immigrants

City of New Haven pledges support to resident immigrants

January 01, 1970

An inspiring press conference in both Spanish and English was held in New Haven on Wednesday, January 6 to rally people in the resistance to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). About 150 people showed up at the event, which was sponsored by the CT Immigrant Rights Alliance (CIRA), of which United Action CT is a member.

ICE has been rounding up undocumented refugees from Central America and detaining them with plans to send them back to their countries. The latest sweep began last weekend in southern states. So far, there is no indication they have come to Connecticut.

In New Haven, city officials announced their support of the immigrants. Mayor Toni Harp said the first priority of the city is to safeguard its residents. She noted that even though ICE has not come to New England, immigrants are nervous, and she offered the support of the city.

Also speaking was Police Chief Dean Esserman, who said that the department has been working hard to build trust in the community, and that the police are there to serve New Haven residents.

Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries urged people to continue sending their children to the public schools, and to leave a working telephone number, so that the school can call parents if ICE shows up or makes inquiries.

Leaflets were handed out informing people of their rights and what to do if they find themselves threatened by ICE. Here are some points to remember:

  • If ICE—La Migra—comes to your door, DO NOT OPEN the door. Ask them to pass any paperwork they have under the door. If they do not have an arrest warrant, do not open the door. If they do have a paperwork, take a picture of it.
  • Remain silent. Tell them you will only speak if you have a lawyer with you. You may tell them your name, but nothing else.
  • Do not sign any documents.
  • Take pictures and videos of the officers or La Migra. Record the names and badge numbers, if they have a badge.

Finally, call for assistance and advice right away. You may call Unidad Latina en Accion at any hour of the day or night at 203-606-3484.  Or call Junta during daytime hours at 203-787-0191 Ext. 14 or 17.

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