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Our Mission

Strengthening communities by bringing people and congregations together to foster initiatives for improving lives through social justice work - this is the mission and purpose of United Action Connecticut. United Action is an interfaith, multi-racial, multi-lingual organization crossing political, economic and urban/suburban boundaries. We hope that you will join us in our pursuits to advance civil rights for immigrants, improve health care access, build awareness for mental illness, and to lobby for key legislation in these areas.

UACT's Issues Work for 2021

  • Civil Rights for Immigrants
  • Health Care Access
  • Protections for Domestic Workers


2020 has not been a good year for the poorest among us.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in some way, it is well-documented that it has exposed gross inequalities in our society. The poorest families throughout our state and nation have suffered greatly--and nowhere has the suffering been more acute than in the immigrant community.

The federal government has provided trillions of dollars in unemployment benefits, low interest or forgivable loans and stimulus payments to those affected by the pandemic, but not one penny of these funds has gone to immigrants.  As a consequence, immigrants have been severely impacted by food deprivation, threat of eviction and minimal access to quality healthcare.  In addition, most immigrants work in industries that are deemed “essential” and in many cases they have been required to come to work even when they feel sick or may be exposed to the virus.  The immigrant community is bearing a disproportionate economic burden during this pandemic.

Here in Connecticut, private sector non-profit agencies have stepped forward to help, but, in the absence of federal assistance, only the State has sufficient financial resources to adequately meet the basic needs of our immigrant community.  On June 2nd, Governor Lamont announced a $3.5 million rent relief program; now, 7 months later, much of the money has yet to be distributed.  An associated $1 million 4-CT gift card program was distributing $300 Gift Cards when it was abruptly “put on pause” for unexplained reasons.  But even if these programs were fully successful they would fall far short of meeting basic immigrant needs.

Several months ago, a broad-based group of Connecticut immigrant organizations formed the Immigrants are Essential Coalition, which launched a campaign to have the State of Connecticut provide $150 million in relief to the immigrant community.  Critics of this effort say it too much money and that the state cannot afford it, but UACT says that during a humanitarian crisis every measure should be considered. We call on Governor Lamont and the state legislature to address this crisis and bring aid to the immigrant community. 

Please contact your state representative and senator and urge them to commit to supporting legislation providing meaningful financial assistance to Connecticut immigrants who are in dire straits.

Help UACT Immigration Organizer Patricia Rosas

Our friend and UACT immigration organizer Patricia Rosas and her family are going through a very difficult moment. For many months, Paty has struggled with abdominal pain. Because she is uninsured, she was concerned that her medical bills would be too much for her to pay, so she put off going to a specialist for a while. In early September, she was able to go to the doctor and found out that she has cancer in one of her kidneys and needs emergency surgery. 
The journey of navigating the healthcare system has been nothing short of a nightmare for her. We are grateful that she has had friends by her side helping her jump through the 10 thousand hoops that they are making her jump through--just to have emergency, life-saving surgery.
We have put together initially a GoFundMe to try and raise some of the funds she will need to pay for her medical bills. The $12,000 goal is nowhere near close to what she'll actually need, but we need to start somewhere. We are going to be planning other events and fundraisers in the future and will keep you all posted.
If you would prefer to send a check, there is a fund established at Webster Bank to receive all donations. You can send your checks or stop in any Webster Bank branch. Write your checks to "Friends of Paty Rosas Medical Fund" and mail it to Webster Bank, 665 west Main Street, New Britain, CT 06053, or drop off your donation at any Webster Bank branch directing the deposit to :Friends of Paty Rosas Medical Fund". 
Paty is so strong. But right now, she needs all of us to pitch in, and help her get better.
With gratitude,
United Action Connecticut
United Action starts legal fund for family

United Action Connecticut is initiating a legal fund drive for Anayely(Ana) Ortiz; Ana is 11 years old.  Her mother, Lila Ortiz, fled to the United States in 2012, leaving Ana in Guatemala with her grandparents.  Lila was successful in gaining Permanent Legal Status (Green Card) and settled in Hartford, CT.  She saved enough money to pay a smuggler to bring her daughter to the United States in February of this year. Ana was detained by the Border Patrol in Texas and held in a detention center for a month before being released to her mother in March with an order to appear at a preliminary hearing on September 17th.   

Since coming to live with her mother in March, Ana has not spoken.  It is likely that she experienced some type of trauma on the journey or while in the custody of the Border Patrol.  Several months ago, Ana was diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg.  After months of difficulty in obtaining treatment, her case was taken up by the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford.  On September 18th, Ana’s leg was amputated at the hip.  Thanks to the generosity of the Medical Center, all of Ana’s medical expenses including rehabilitation will be paid in full.

However, following the preliminary deportation hearing on September 17 (which was continued until February 23, 2020), their lawyer informed Ana’s mother that she would no longer represent them unless she received a payment of $5,000.

United Action Connecticut is calling upon your generosity to help us raise the funds that will enable Ana to remain permanently with her mother.  You may donate by clicking on Make a Donation" on the left side of this Home Page, then click on Donate, and then click on use this donation for and select The Ortiz Legal Fund”  100% of your donation will go to Ana’s Legal Fund.

Thank you for whatever you can do.