Health Care Access

UACT's Health Care Mission

UACT's mission is to establish a Universal Health Care System that is high-quality, affordable and available to all Connecticut residents.

Health Care access in 2018:

United Action continues to support healthcare access for all, and continues to break down barriers to access. One issue of concern is health care for undocumented immigrants as these immigrants are not covered under the Affordable Care Act. 

United Action participates in the Protect Our Care Connecticut campaign (POCCT). The POCCT campaign supports comprehensive, high quality, affordable and accessible health care for all Connecticut residents.

Protect Our Care CT seeks to:

  • preserve and strengthen the gains made by the Affordable Care Act, and
  • defend Medicaid, Medicare and women's health programs.

Protect Our Care CT campaign coordinates organizations and individuals committed to:

  • educate each other, the public and policy makers on health care issues
  • respond to threats to health care coverage and programs, and
  • advocate at the national and state level for policies that support health equity and health care for everyone.

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Further information about federal and state health care reform is available at the websites below.

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