Current Issues

UACT's Current Issues

United Action works on the following issues. We are called to action because of the needs of members of our congregations and their activism on these issues.

Health Care Access:

  • Promoting greater access to high quality, affordable healthcare for all Connecticut residents.
  • The belief in universal health insurance coverage for all; according to the Institute of Medicine principles.
  • Eliminating disparities in health care access and quality of care based on race, income, employment or insurance.
  • Expanding health care access for undocumented immigrants.

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Immigrant Rights:

  • Working in coalitions to bring about comprehensive federal immigration law reform.
  • Fighting against the deportation machine and educating immigrants about their rights during interactions with law enforcement.
  • Aiding undocumented students in Connecticut in their fight for institutional financial aid at public colleges and universities.

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Jobs and the Economy:

  • Advocating for the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights to implement changes that will benefit domestic workers.
  • Participating in the Fight for Fifteen and a just wage for all.
  • Demanding a fair tax system that fully funds our social services and education systems.