Immigrant Rights

UACT's immigration mission

UACT's mission is to champion for legislation that will create a process for all undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship and insist that enforcement policies must be made to be consistent with humanitarian values and with the need to treat all individuals with respect. 

Public Hearing for SB 284

Storytelling is powerful. By sharing our stories, we can connect to others in a way that facts and numbers can’t. That’s why I want you to pay attention to this next opportunity.

United Action CT is fighting to expand access to Connecticut’s HUSKY Medicaid Health Program for our immigrant community with the HUSKY for Immigrants Coalition.

Last year, we helped pass a bill to expand HUSKY medicaid to undocumented children ages 0-8 years old. This year we’re one step closer to expanding access to healthcare to ALL immigrants in CT. SB 284, a bill which will expand access to HUSKY for all youth under 18 years old regardless of immigration status, was just introduced and will have a Public Hearing on Thursday, March 10th!

Can you testify in support of expanding HUSKY to ALL undocumented youth under 18 in CT regardless of immigration status? Sign up here and the HUSKY for Immigrants Coalition will send instructions and guides on how to easily submit your testimony.



Public Hearing: HUSKY for Immigrants (SB 284)
When: Thursday, March 10th @ 10am-6pm
Where: online! 
Sign up to get all the info on how to testify

This bill is an essential and needed step in ensuring that CT’s immigrant community has access to the healthcare they need. Passage of SB 284 this year ensures that children will not age out of coverage care once they turn 9 and be left without any healthcare.

I’m sure you agree, healthcare is not just something just for the wealthy - healthcare is a human right and no person should be denied the healthcare they need and a chance of survival due to their ability to pay or immigration status.

The fact is that Connected right now shuts out the undocumented community from getting health coverage. But we have the power to change this, and it starts at this Public Hearing on March 10th. Sign up to get all the info on how to testify.

What’s a Public Hearing? It's THE day when the public has an opportunity to “testify” on why they support (or don’t support) a specific bill - via zoom. It’s our chance to tell our legislators we need them to pass the bill this year.  

Never submitted testimony before? No worries. Sign up here and we’ll send you templates and instructions. You can either testify via zoom on March 10th or just submit your written testimony via email. Sign up here to get more information on how to!

Remember, our stories have power and you have a voice. Use yours to let our legislators know why we ALL need access to health care!

Thank you for taking action!