Immigrant Rights

UACT's immigration mission

UACT's mission is to champion for legislation that will create a process for all undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship and insist that enforcement policies must be made to be consistent with humanitarian values and with the need to treat all individuals with respect. 

UACT's work in 2016

United Action has continued to support grassroots groups in Meriden and New Britain. Manos Unidas and Ministerio de Hermandad have been great resources for the undocumented population in these towns. Specifiically, the groups have worked on aiding immigrants access drive only licenses through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

United Action has also been active in attending meeting of the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance. This alliance has a new program of resistance against the Priority Enforcement Program of immigration enforcement that is tearing apart families in Connecticut and across the nation.


Meriden's Unitarian-Universalist Minister Makes Plea for Immigration Reform

Reverend Jan Carlsson-Bull from the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Meriden recently wrote to fellow ministers in Connecticut and Massachusetts asking for their support in efforts for imigration reform.  Following is the text from her letter;

Greetings friends and colleagues--

In this message, I'm including you whom I've met or spoken with locally and regionally--my Unitarian Universalist colleagues and colleagues across faiths--and colleagues with whom I connect denominationally.
Over half a millennium ago an intrepid band of my ancestors made their way across the Atlantic on the Mayflower.  They arrived as undocumented immigrants. I don't believe they were ever called illegal.  That level of callousness toward newcomers took a few years and some power seizing and genocide along the way to take root in the collective mentality after the founding of this nation as we know it.  
How ever you feel about immigration as a moral issue, how ever you feel undocumented immigrants should be welcomed or redirected, how ever you feel about inclusiveness as a spiritual practice, you may be inspired to share your perspetive, and your congregants with you, at either of two pivotal hearings slated over the next week--one in Boston, one in Hartford.  
Both are sponsored by the U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).   The events are stakeholder community roundtables.  Details are on the attached flyers.  
I reach out to you as a minister who has signed on to the agenda of UACT (United Action Connecticut) and is committed to moving ahead on a Unitarian Universalist draft Statement of Conscience on Immigration as a Moral Issue.   Steve Volpini, an activist member of this congregation, chairs UACT; and it was Steve who brought these hearings to my attention.  I reach out to you also as a fellow citizen or perhaps simply as a fellow inhabitant of this country that is rocking on its moral axis.  
There are many ways to mobilize from a faith-based inclusiveness to testify to the maltreatment extended to so many of the newest arrivals in this country. To learn more about steps being taken by UACT (United Action Connecticut), visit   To learn more about what is happening with a Unitarian Universalist Congregational Study/Action Issue on Immigration as a Moral Issue, please visit   There are also numerous DREAM sites that you might visit.
These upcoming opportunities present us with a timely option for raising our voices in caring, compassionate  and visionary interfaith community.  Please share this message and these attachments with your colleagues.   I include Massachusetts, since some of you whom I write are Massachusetts clergy.
May the New Year shine on everyone--