United Action Connecticut

Our Mission

Strengthening communities by bringing people and congregations together to foster initiatives for improving lives through social justice work - this is the mission and purpose of United Action Connecticut. United Action is an interfaith, multi-racial, multi-lingual organization crossing political, economic and urban/suburban boundaries. We hope that you will join us in our pursuits to advance civil rights for immigrants, improve health care access, build awareness for mental illness, and to lobby for key legislation in these areas.

UACT's Issues Work for 2017

  • Civil Rights for Immigrants
  • Health Care Access
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Home Care Worker/Aging with Dignity

DACA Scholarship Fund

United Action would like to help DACA renewal applicants with their fees so that is why we have started an online campaign to raise funds for DACA renewal applicants.  Each DACA renewal costs $495 and it can be difficult for families to come up with that money in a short amount of time.  The money that we raise will also help start a scholarship fund for DACA/undocumented students to go to college since they can't get any type of financial aid and are limited to scholarships.  Below is the link to the page.  Support by considering a donation and passing the link onto others.



DACA Statement from United Action CT

On Tuesday, September 5, Attorney Jeff Sessions announced the administration’s decision to end the DACA program. DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, has allowed nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrant youth who were brought to the United States as children to obtain work permits, attend school, and contribute openly to our economy without fear of deportation.  This program has been very important to the immigrants that have come into this country as they now experience the values of freedom and choice, enjoy a better life than they had in their home coutries which can be unsafe for them and their children, and hope for a path to U.S. citizenship. By ending the program, the administration will again make these young people, known as DREAMER’S , vulnerable to deportation or detention. Participants in and applicants to DACA trusted the federal government with their names and contact information when applying to the program – information that makes them especially vulnerable to deportation now.

United Action CT has been a strong proponent of comprehensive immigration reform for several years and our organization applauded the DACA program when it was instituted in 2012.  In fact, UACT has conducted several DACA clinics to help undocumented youth obtain the protections and benefits the program offered.  We find the decision to end the DACA program appalling and condemn the decision in the strongest terms. This reversal will create new problems that will impact our community on multiple levels in a very negative way and the very structure of our economy. These DREAMERS are a vital part of this community and their contributions are enormous.

UACT intends to support the DREAMER’s in whatever way we can and we also urge Congress to take immediate action to protect DACA recipients from deportation and detention as well as taking legislative action to pass a DREAM ACT that would grant DACA recipients permanent residence status and provide a pathway to citizenship.

Join UACT today in contacting your Senators and Congressmen and urging them to support the DREAMER’s and fight for a just immigration system.

United Action needs your Health Care Stories

  • United Action Connecticut is partnering with 10 other organizations through the Universal Health Care Foundation (UHCF) to build support for state and federal health care policy advocacy work in 2017.  We are interested in building a bank of health care stories to bolster our collective advocacy efforts.

As you are probably aware, the gains made by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as the Medicaid and Medicare programs are under attack by Congress and the Trump administration. At the state level, the UHCF plans to put forward several new proposals to help individuals and families who are struggling with the high out-of-pocket costs of health care - in addition to protecting crucial programs, such as Medicaid, from the budget chopping block.

A lot is at stake and we need the stories of everyday people to help put a face on this issue.

Personal health care stories will fall into two major categories:

  • People who have benefitted from coverage under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid or Medicare (including the value of having care and/or the challenge of losing care
  • People for whom out-of-pocket health care costs have created a barrier to care or a household hardship.

If you have a story or know someone who may have a health care story that fits into one of the above categories please contact United Action at 860-595-2284 or e-mail us at uact4change@gmail.com.  Don't wait to make your voice heard, we need these stories now so we can advocate on your behalf before health care costs become unaffordable.

UACT partners with others on Home Care Worker/Aging with Dignity campaign

United Action CT has joined with several other organizations in an Aging with Dignity Campaign to improve homecare services to the elderly in Connecticut by improving homecare jobs. The Naugatuck Valley Project, the Brazilian Worker's Center, the Office of Catholic Social Justice Ministry, SEIU Local 1199 and the Unitarian-Universalist Society:East have all joined forces to advocate and advance legislation on this very important issue.

UACT has become involved with this project because of the needs at both ends of the homecare spectrum.  Connecticut's population is aging at an increasingly rapid rate. But the supply of homecare workers remains well below what is needed to enable this growing population to age with dignity, largely because of poor pay, difficult working conditions, and lack of benefits and training. There is a 50% to 60% annual turnover within this sector in Connecticut. As we age, we look for quality care that will uphold our dignity. As people of social justice, we also have a special concern for the dignity of work and the rights of workers.

Currently the coalition is submitting a bill to the state legislature, The Quality Jobs for Quality Care Act, that is designed to improve the benefits and working conditions for home care workers and thus improve the care of the elderly in their homes.