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Listening Campaign at St. Bridget, Manchester

September 04, 2015

In April, 2015, the Pastoral Council, Social Justice Ministry and the pastor, Fr Stephen Sledesky, initiated a listening campaign for the parish. He commissioned about 20 listeners to conduct 1-on-1 interviews with parishioners to give them a chance to talk about what they like, what concerns them, what they suggest, or anything else they wanted to say.   Interviews usually took 30-45 minutes with leading questions from the listener.  Comments were kept separate from the name of the interviewee.  There were about 160 interviews completed.  Collation of results has been ongoing through this summer, and a report to the parish is scheduled for Sept 27.  Alta Lash, a community organizer at UCAN (United Connecticut Action for Neighborhoods) has been directing the campaign.  Interview questions included “what keeps you coming to St Bridget’s every week?” or “what do you feel could be better?”  A few themes have surfaced, among them: St Bridget is a comfortable welcoming parish;  people love the social events and want more;  we need more activities for the youth and young adults.
The goals of the LC are to hear what parishioners are thinking about their parish, to renew the parish, to make/deepen friendships, to empower all of us.
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