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It's a busy week for public hearings on important health care bills at the legislature. If you are supportive of or concerned about any of the bills below, consider sharing those concerns by testifying at the public hearing, submitting written testimony to the Committee holding the hearing or contacting your legislators by phone or e-mail.

You don't need to be a policy expert. If you have an opinion on a bill, just state that opinion and, if possible, share your story about why this bill is important to you and how it would impact your life. You can testify in person at the hearings or submit your testimony in writing. Details about the public hearings are in the "Public Hearings" section of the Connecticut General Assembly Bulletin. Click on "Public Hearings" to find the correct hearing. Every committee does things differently so check the details about procedure that are listed in the Bulletin. 

You can also share your views by contacting your senator and representative without submitting formal testimony. Find your legislators and their contact information here. 


Tuesday, March 6

HB 5384: An Act Concerning Prescription Drug Costs – This bill is focused on increasing transparency and accountability to begin to address the high cost of prescription drugs. - Hearing: Insurance & Real Estate Committee, 12:00 noon, Room 2-D of the LOB

Thursday, March 8

SB 270: An Act Concerning Work and Community Service Requirements for Recipients of Certain Public Assistance Programs – This bill aims to require that certain people who qualify for Medicaid (HUSKY) health coverage and SNAP (food stamps) must work or perform community service. Hearing: Human Services Committee, 10 am, Room 2-A of the LOB

HB 5039: An Act Protecting Health Care Fairness and Affordability – This is Governor Malloy's bill that aims to do a number of things, including: establish a state health care insurance mandate and a health care premium assistance fund, offer "low option" health plans, and review mandated benefits. Hearing: Insurance & Real Estate Committee, 12:00 noon, Room 2-D of the LOB

SB 373: An Act Concerning the CT Health Insurance Exchange, Low-Option Benefit Design and Short-term Policies – This is a complicated bill that looks as if it will, among other things, open the door to allow the sale of short-term and other health plans that do not offer all the benefits required by the Affordable Health Care Act. Hearing:  Insurance & Real Estate Committee, 12:00 noon, Room 2-D of the LOB

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